14K Solid gold

Put the gold jewelry into the soap mixture (mild dish detergent with warm water) and let sit for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry. Rinse it and dry thoroughly with soft polishing cloth.

14K Gold filling

Wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean. If the dirt has built up and is hard to clean, just put a little dish washing liquid in a bowl of water and soak overnight.

14K/18K Gold vermeil (14K/18K gold plating over sterling silver)

You can clean gold vermeil jewelry by washing it in lukewarm soapy water. Rinse and dry with soft polishing cloth immediately.

925 Sterling silver

If your silver jewelry does not include pearls or soft gemstones, immerse the jewelry in the sudsy water, and rub gently with your fingers or a cotton swab. For more abrasive cleaning (only when needed), brush lightly with a soft baby toothbrush. Rinse the piece thoroughly with warm water and dry with a cotton cloth to avoid water spots. For daily care, clean it with a soft 100% cotton cloth or silver polishing cloth and gently rub off any excess makeup.

General care for all jewelry

Avoid frequent contact with strong chemicals. Store in a jewelry box or ziplock bag. Do not wear them in hot tubs or swimming pools.

With proper care, sterling silver, gold vermeil and gold filled jewelry will last a long time while solid gold jewelry can last a life time.

Treat your jewels with love and care, and they will keep sparkling for you! :)


Method 1:

Measure the inner diameter of your own rings (in mm) and match your measurement to the following chart. (Below are in US sizes)

Ring Size Guide

Method 2:

Measure your finger by wrapping a measuring tape around it. In the absence of a measuring tape, use a piece of string, mark it and measure it with a ruler. Match your measurement to the circumference measurements below and find out your ring size from the table.

How to measure ring size

US SizeInner CircumferenceInner Diameter

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