7 Ways To Wear And Style A Plaid Scarf

Halloween has passed, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. It's my favourite time of the year – the time when I can pull out all of my fall favourites from the back of my closet! One of my favourite fall trends are scarves – specifically, oversized tartan blanket scarves. If you are like me and spend all day on Pinterest admiring those perfect fall fashion pins with the perfectly styled tartans, then check out some unique, fashionable ways that you can rock the tartan scarf. I have put together the popular tartan scarves I have found on Pinterest for you guys.

1. The Handkerchief Fold

To style your tartan like this, just fold the square blanket scarf diagonally into a triangle shape and layer it a few times, then wrap it around your neck once, and leave the rest of it layered in somewhat of a bulky, triangle shape. Try matching stripe with plaid and finishing it with skinny jeans, loafers, and a large handbag for a polished, chic look on a cold, autumn day.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

2. Wrap Up Your Tartans

I love the idea and the look of wrapping up tartans. It's the ultimate fall fashion, and it's great for keeping warm on a chilly, autumn day. Combine the tartan with a light turtleneck, coat, fedora, sunglasses, pants, and boots for a very high-fashion, chic look.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

3. With An Oversize Sweater

Of all fall trends, oversize sweaters seem to be a pretty big one. I think that they are the ultimate, modern fall fashion piece. You can wear them with skinny jeans, boots, and of course, a tartan scarf! Simply wrap it around and tie it like you would any other scarf.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

4. Wear It Wrapped Around Your Shoulders With A Cool Coat Or Jacket

I love this edgy, chic look. So polished and modern! Put on your favorite jacket or coat in fall color, style it with skinny jeans, and accessorize the look with a tartan wrapped across your shoulders unevenly. To really stand out, you could put your hair in a top knot, wear cat eye sunglasses, and carry a chic, black handbag.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

5. Wear It As Infinity Scarf

Fold the square blanket scarf diagonally into a triangle shape and layer it a few times. Then, place it on your neck and tie it in the back. Pairing a thin sweater, skinny jeans, and boots. I think this look is perfect for a coffee run, casual get-together with friends, or a stroll around town.

(Picture source: Merrick's Art)

6. Rock Your Fall Tartan In A Dress

Who says that you can only wear tartans with pants and jeans? I know that I certainly don't. That's why I love this next look – a tartan styled with a dress. Choose your favorite little black dress or a simple mini dress. Then, pairing with ankle booties or knee high boots in neutral color for a stylish, girly fall outfit.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

7. Wear It Like A Coat

Did you know that you can wear an oversized square blanket scarf like a coat? First, wrap it around your shoulders like a shawl, then take a skinny belt and secure the blanket scarf around your waist. This instantly adds adorable, oversize sleeves, and it's such a cute look for any chilly day.

(Picture source: Merrick's Art)

I hope you've enjoyed these 7 ways to style and wear a tartan scarf. What is your favorite? Good luck with putting together your tartans! 

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