Meet our coolest babe : @claudia_holynights!

Claudia is a Portuguese style blogger over at @claudia_holynights; she has an impressive eye for fashion and interior design, something that’s clear the moment you head over to her Instagram page.

Claudia Featured Two of Our Pendant Necklaces

Claudia has recently featured two of our popular pendant necklaces, after wearing them as accessories to some truly stylish outfits. Claudia is often seen rocking some contemporary and trendy looks, which complement the ThingsEyeLove style.

Disc Pendant Necklace

Though Claudia featured two pendant necklaces that have some similarities, they offer two very different styles. The first pendant was our popular Disc Pendant Necklace; it’s 18K gold vermeil and it’s a great way to add something special to an outfit. Whether you’re wearing a camisole or a patterned dress, our Disc Pendant Necklace offers subtlety and elegance.

Bee Disc Necklace

The second of the two pieces was our Bee Disc Necklace.  As one of our most sought after pieces, we weren’t surprised when Claudia chose it. Rather than focusing on the subtle look found with the Disc Pendant Necklace, the Bee Disc Necklace stands out. With it’s pretty cubic zirconia, it creates a ‘wow’ factor and it has been designed to reflect a more antique, classic design.

How she styles them

Claudia wore both of these necklaces in the way they were intended to be worn, with style and a relaxed vibe. Though both the Disc Pendant Necklace and Bee Disc Necklace look great when teamed with a more formal outfit, our favourite look is when they’re teamed with comfortable jumpers, skinny jeans and oversized jackets.

She also loves:

What outfits would you wear them with?

At ThingsEyeLove, we have a range of fantastic pieces for you to choose from. There’s something for every style and every occasion. Check out our collections to find out more.

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