Chokers Are Back With A New Modern Look

We all know fashion has a way of repeating itself. The fifties cat-eye glasses, fur vests, and bohemian style are just a few trends that have reappeared recently. Now the choker necklace has resurfaced for another generation to enjoy.

The choker is a delicate piece that brings a specific mood to your outfit. The 90's stigma doesn't stray far from the choker today; edgy, angst, tough and ‘rock star' are just a few words to describe the chokers feel. With the 90's re-surge in crop tops, overalls, combat boots, ripped jeans and jelly shoes it makes sense that the choker would come too. The choker is a fairly versatile piece as it can work alongside its 90's sidekicks but can also bring new life to today's newer trends. Be just like the celebs with this new minimal jewelry trend!

One way that makes sure that you retain the glamorous and feminine look is to wear a choker and then dangle delicate pieces of jewelry below it to compliment the overall look.

Kick your boho attire up a notch by adding a simple black choker to any flowy sundress dress and ankle boot combo.

Cue your retro vibes by adding a choker to a cropped top and high-waisted pants. A pair of round sunglasses and large hobo bag will top it off right.

A basic tee and jeans can be upgraded with a minimal choker. Add a denim jacket to boost that 90's vibe and you have yourself a simple well put-together outfit.

Take a feminine dress and reinvent it with an edgy choker. Just by adding this one piece you can totally transform the look and feel of an outfit.

Surprisingly you can take the choker to work. A subtle choker or one with a high-end feel can compliment a freshly pressed button down and clean slacks nicely.

Choker is here to stay and you need to pick your own style of wearing it to look fashionable and attractive according to your outfit and the occasion. What do you think about this choker trend?

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