Big Up The Bandana – It’s Back!

Many trends come and go (thankfully). Some exit and we hope they will never resurface again (least not until our newsfeed opts to remind us of our memories – thanks Facebook!). After all, who wants to resurrect the shell-suit, Juicy Couture tracksuit or Spice-Girl inspired platforms? However, while we see many trends disappear into a black hole, many others seem to keep resurfacing – constantly appearing on every generation’s “what’s hot” list, once such example is the bandana.

Think about it, it’s true – every generation tries to claim ownership of the bandana and right now, Instagram is totally owning it by pointing out bandanas no longer equal just headwear. Say, what? The fact is, style influencers have thought through the versatility of the bandana and are wearing it round their necks, on their arms, on their bags, around the wrist and, if you want to go mainstream, on their heads. Read on to learn more.


We can pin-point this trend right back to Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw had an argument with her (then) boyfriend Aidan all whilst wearing a multi-coloured handkerchief around her upper arm. Today, this trend has progressed to the wrist and sees bloggers and Instagramers donning bandanas as bracelets. To get the look, wrap around your wrist a couple of times and secure tightly.

Of course, if you want to take the bandana game to new levels – you can always make like The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine and rock a bandana around your ankle (true story).


Lately we’ve noticed a lot of celebrities opting not to update their bag with every new trend but instead loop a bandana around the handles for an instant update. This idea is great if you want to jump on a new trend but can’t risk the investment of a shiny new tote and, best of all, there is always a bandana on hand in case of emergencies.


While those who wear bandanas around their necks try to portray an air of nonchalance, there is actually more effort behind this than you would first image – but the results are so worth it. Firstly, the bandana has to be uber crisp, which might require some moderate ironing. The next part comes totally down to the folding. But that’s what makes the bandana so amazing, a simple fold takes you from old-fashioned to neck-scarf chic in seconds.


The bandana was invented by some fashion god to be worn on the head. Back then, functionality was high and style not so much – so we’re happy that modern-day interpretations allow for wrapping around the head and also the length of the hair (serving a lot like a hair band). In fact, today’s bandana is the perfect go-to for the gym, Coachella festival, work or even when chilling with the squad. Better still, it can still stay true to function by providing cover up from the sun during summer’s days –without the very real threat of hat hair.

No doubt about it, the bandana is back and it’s better than ever! How would you like to wear the bandana? Tell us your favourite in the comment below. xx

(Images source: Pinterest)

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